2017 Spirit Week at South Charlotte Baptist Academy

It’s that time of year again! We are planning for a great “Spirit Week” right before Spring Break!

  1. Monday, March 20, is “Fan Day!” Students may dress to show support for their favorite collegiate or professional sports team.
  2. Tuesday, March 21, is “Color Day!” Each class will be given a specific color. (Go to the bottom of this page to see the color assignments per class.) Students should dress and wear as much of that color as possible.
  3. Wednesday, March 22, is “Wacky Wednesday!” Students should go wacky! Wear clothing that doesn’t match. Wear clothing inside out. Wear clothing that looks a “nerdy.”
  4. Thursday, March 23, is “Story Book Day!” Dress as your favorite story book character. (If you like Dr. Seuss, dress like a character from one of his books!)
  5. Friday, March 24, is “Blue & Gold Day” Dress in blue and gold which are the official colors of South Charlotte Baptist Academy.

 Additional Information:

  1. Students should abide by these basic dress guidelines during Spirit Week
    1. Clothing fashions should be modest without drawing inappropriate attention to the student.
    2. Clothing fashions should illustrate a Christ-like – not worldly – spirit.
    3. Clothing fashions should be loose-fitting, not form fitting.
    4. Clothing fashions, particularly for the girls should come below the knee.
    5. Clothing fashions should be appropriate.
  2. Clothing should be neat and in good repair (no holes, worn patches, etc.).
  3. When choosing what to wear each day, students should not wear items that are going to produce an undue distraction in the classroom. Faculty and staff reserve the right to ask students to change if a clothing fashion is deemed inappropriate or is too much of a distraction in the classroom.
  4. Students may wear jeans (boys) or jean skirts (girls) during Spirit Week. Jeans or jean skirts must be in good repair (no rips, fading, etc.).
  5. Students (7th – 12th grades) may wear athletic shoes (“tennis shoes”) during Spirit Week.

Coin Contest & Dollar Day:

  • During the week we will have a competition to see which classes have the most student participation. The top three (3) classes will receive a reward for their participation. The winning classes will be announced via Facebook on Friday afternoon, March 24. 
  • Coin Contest – From Monday-Thursday, students should bring pennies to add points to their class. They can bring in silver coins to subtract points from other classes.
    • Pennies = +2 points
    • Nickels = -5 points
    • Dimes = -10 points
    • Quarters = -25 points
  • Dollar Day – On Friday, students should bring in dollar bills. (Or five dollar bills. Or ten dollar bills. Or…We think you get the idea!)
    • $1 bill = 100 points
    • $5 bill = 500 points
    • $10 bill = 1,000 points
    • $20 bill = 2,000 points
    • $50 bill = 5,000 points
    • $100 bill = 10,000 points

Note: No checks will be accepted for the Coin Contest & Dollar Day competition!

The funds collected during this week will go to provide the prizes for the top 3 winning classes. Any excess funds will be put toward the purchase of a new activity bus for South Charlotte Baptist Church & Academy that will be used for field trips and other road trips.

Bake Sale

Get your ovens hot! Mom & Dad, we need your help!  If you can send in baked goods for our bake sale email Miss Acheson, jenny.acheson@scbacademy.org. Baked goods may be store-bought or homemade and need to be individually wrapped. Items containing peanuts must be clearly marked! Students can purchase baked goods during the week for $0.50.

“Color Day” Class Assignments:

  • K3 – Yellow
  • K4A – Purple (Holstead)
  • K4B – Orange (Millwood)
  • K5 – Pink
  • 1st    – Green
  • 2-3rd  – Blue
  • 4-6th  – White
  • 7-8th  – Red
  • 9-12th – Black