SCBA Student Drop Off Procedures

“Thank You”

I want to thank all the families that attended our orientation meetings this past Thursday and Friday nights. However, there were a number of families that did not attend. As a reminder, parents and students are expected to attend the scheduled programs and activities (such as orientation) that have been scheduled throughout the course of the year. We seek to do our best to make you aware of these activities well in advance so that you can arrange your schedules. We realize that your time is valuable just as our time is valuable.

“What time do classes begin?”

Don’t forget that classes begin at 8:30 AM on Monday morning, August 14. As was mentioned during orientation, “To be on time is to be late; to be early is to be on time.” The students should arrive at school before 8:30 so that our teachers may begin classes at 8:30 AM.

“Car Line”

While many of our students/families are returning students, many students/families are new to SCBA. We ask that everyone exercise patience and be cautious as they both drop their children off in the mornings and as they pick their children up in the afternoons.

We would ask that each of you watch this video which explains how to drop and pick your children up and also explains our procedures for “Rainy Day” drop off and pick up.

SCBA “Car line” Procedures from South Charlotte Baptist Church on Vimeo.

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