SCBA is setting the foundation!

While we have always known that South Charlotte Baptist Academy is producing quality students, it is always exciting to hear our parents tell us that. We recently received the following from the parent of one of our students…

Today I am writing you to let you know that how excellent your academy is in grooming students in their career.  We had enrolled [our child] in your preschool for the year 2016-17 and he had no prior preschool experience.  But in just one year, he was able to speak English and started reading(though little), though we spoke our native language at home.  We found him fluent in English speaking given the time he had spent at the school.  This year he was to go to [public school], he was assessed on his abilities at his [school] and I got a call today from School’s Principal stating that he had fared well in his assessment(stood 4th from a group of 175) and they are putting him into an advanced class(1st grade) right from the beginning of his grade.   It felt so great to hear the news and at the same time I understand and recognize the effort that your academy (esp. teachers) put to [prepare] students.
Once again thanks for all your efforts and let it be known that you head a great institution.
We are very thankful for the staff that God has given us at South Charlotte Baptist Academy and their desire to invest in their students to establish a strong foundation in the their lives.
While this particular student did not stay with us, we would encourage families to allow us the opportunity to not only lay a solid foundation but then to continue building upon that foundation throughout the child’s life!
If you would like more information about South Charlotte Baptist Academy, please contact us at 704-544-7323!

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