We are off to a great start!

As the academy begins its tenth year, I would like to pause and praise God for His goodness to us. Two weeks have already slipped by so quickly. As the students and the teachers “buckle” down into their routines, it can be overwhelming to look ahead at all that lies before them. As this moment comes, and it comes to all of us at some point, let us be reminded of Nehemiah from God’s Word. As he viewed the great task of rebuilding a city’s defenses, he shared the simple truth that “the hand of my God which was good upon me” can do what no man can. And with that word of encouragement, a defeated, discouraged people said “Let us rise up and build.” ¬†And build they did. In only 52 days, the walls of Jerusalem were repaired. Encourage one another with a memory of God’s goodness in your life. You’ll be suprised at what He can do in and through regular people who simply trust in His power and goodness. Now check out some encouraging shots from the first two weeks of school!

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