SCBA students score above grade level in national testing!

Each year our students (kindergarten through high school) participate in nationally administered standardized testing. This testing allows us the opportunity to compare our student’s progress against thousands of other students across the country in both private and public schools. Our students participated in this testing just a couple of months ago and we have received […]

Teacher Appreciation Week is coming soon!

Teacher Appreciation week is May 1st- May 5th! This is a wonderful opportunity to teach our children the importance of giving and sharing. Our staff is dedicated to all aspects of growth for our little ones and in order to make this week a success, we need your help! We have planned a fun week […]

Happy Friday, March 10, 2017

This morning, I had the opportunity to greet our students and parents as they dropped their children off for the start of the school day. It was a pleasure greeting each of you. Everyone – including the students – seemed to be smiling this morning. Maybe that was because it’s FRIDAY! – Pastor Campbell “Around […]

“Around the World” – 2017 Winter Formal

You are invited to attend this year’s SCBA Winter Formal, “Around the World.” This is the time of the year when we honor our high school graduating class. This year we have 5 students that are graduating from South Charlotte Baptist Academy! This year’s event will be held on Friday night, March 17, beginning at […]

Where Should I Send My Children to School?

When I became old enough to go to school, my parents only had two choices – either the local public school or a Christian school that operated in our town. Parents now have many options when it comes to the education which their children receive these days – public school, private school, Christian school, charter […]