Listen to what some of our Academy parents are saying:

“Today I am writing you to let you know that how excellent your academy is in grooming students in their career.  We had enrolled [our child] in your preschool for the year 2016-17 and he had no prior preschool experience.  But in just one year, he was able to speak English and started reading(though little), though we spoke our native language at home.  We found him fluent in English speaking given the time he had spent at the school.  This year he was to go to [public school], he was assessed on his abilities at his [school] and I got a call today from School’s Principal stating that he had fared well in his assessment(stood 4th from a group of 175) and they are putting him into an advanced class(1st grade) right from the beginning of his grade.   It felt so great to hear the news and at the same time I understand and recognize the effort that your academy (esp. teachers) put to [prepare] students. Once again thanks for all your efforts and let it be known that you head a great institution.”

“I just wanted to say thank-you for the ministry of your Christian School.  It is a huge blessing to our family.  As a graduate of Christian education, and knowing that 3/4 of my parents/in-law’s worked in Christian Education, I know some of the sacrifices you make.  We are the benefactors of your ministry.”

“My son could not get into public school due to his birthday so we chose to place him at SCBA. I have to say it was the best thing we ever did!!! He started school in August and by December he was reading, writing in cursive, reciting the bible and teaching his big brothers about God!!! The cost is affordable and my son absolutely loves it! They do not provide lunch to K-5 students but my son loves to bring his own lunch anyway. Really thinking hard about keeping him there for a few more years!! Would absolutely encourage parents to check this school out!”

“This school is the best around. My five year old has excelled in Kindergartan like nothing I’ve ever seen. He recites Bible versus even when not in school. I have noticed that there is a hugh difference between public and this private school. I also have a 10 yr old in public school who is really having a hard time, when asked to spell Wednesday, he could not do it but my five year piped up and spelled it correctly! I would recommend this school to anyone. Small classes sizes, excellent teachers, Headmaster and Pastor listen and take care of any issues you may have!”