7 Ways the iPhone Has Made Life Worse





We have had a wonderful week at South Charlotte Baptist Academy! Only one more week and it will be October! It is hard too believe that this year is going so quickly.

Fall Revival Services @ South Charlotte Baptist Church. You are invited to join us this coming Sunday, September 24 through Wednesday, September 27 for our fall revival services with Dr. David Sorenson. Dr. Sorenson is nationally recognized and preaches on topics ranging from the marriage and the family to the King James Version of the Bible. Click here to read more about Dr. Sorenson’s ministry and then plan to join us as our guest!

Making Home Work. Our parenting series continues this Sunday morning at 10 AM. This Sunday, we will continue to discuss the power of a parent’s influence. Please join us for this encouraging time as we look at Biblical principles as they relate to parenting. Click here to learn more. The past lessons (audio) and the notes can be found here…

7 Ways the iPhone Has Made Life Worse. We are surrounded by technology. Our children are growing up in a world saturated by technology. Unfortunately, while we often feel as though we can’t imagine life without technology, we don’t realize that all of this technology has a definite “down side.” In her article, “7 Ways the iPhone Has Made Life Worse,” writer Kara S. Alaimo states that they are making us ignore one another. I have seen parents come to the Academy in the afternoon to pick up their children after school. Instead of stopping to take the time to give their child a hug and ask them how their day was, they have a cell phone to their ear the entire time as they sign their child out and hustle them out the door. Mom and Dad, your children are the most precious thing that you have. If you don’t have time for them now, when they are young, I can guarantee you that they will not have time for you when they are grown! Let me encourage you to put the cell phone and tablet down for awhile; step away from the computer; turn the TV off and spend some time with your child. Go outside for a walk; play Chutes and Ladders with them; take them to the park; anything – just spend some time with them!

Hurricane Maria. If you have watched the news at all you know that Hurricane Maria absolutely devastated Puerto Rico. It has been reported that Puerto Rico could be without power from 4-6 months. Some within our school have family in Puerto Rico and they are seeking to send them aid to help with the recovery from this hurricane. The following items have been specifically requested:

  • Canned food
  • Batteries of any type
  • Candles
  • 1/2 inch rope of any lengths
  • Matches

You may drop any of those items off at the Academy office at any time over the next week. These items will then be shipped to the Puerto Rico for distribution among the residents there.

We want to help! We want your children to receive an excellent education in a wonderfully caring environment. If, at any time, you have concerns or questions about South Charlotte Baptist Academy, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please do not allow small concerns to become big concerns. You may feel free to contact me, Pastor Campbell, at any time at (704) 575-3378.

Please be our guest on this special occasion for South Charlotte Baptist Church!

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